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G Comtech System
G Comtech System is a technology service provider and  system integrator. We have team of qualified engineers having  10+ years of experience in field  of : Industrial  grade switches,  High speed camera applications , fiber optic testing equipment and CCTV backbone.​We are partnering with some of the world’s best leading technology providers. Like  OSD (Optical System Design , Australia) , NAC (Japan) , Kingfisher International (Australia) and many more...

Proudly Representing


Optical Systems Design

OSD Networks



Kingfisher International

AJA Video Systems


NAC Image Technology


Our Presence



Solution on Demand

Optical Systems Design & OSD Networks, Having wide variety of Industrial grade fiber optical switches and converters for fiber optic backbone.


Kingfisher International having fiber optic testing & measurement devices. Useful for fiber optic cable installation and loss detection.


NAC Image Technology having expertise in field of high speed camera systems. nac provides the high-speed imaging and motion analysis systems that give Engineering Research/Testing and production facilities 


AJA is a well known brand in professional Audio & Video products. They're having recorders, converters & opengear products for best quality Audio & Video

LIVE U provides Live Streaming Solutuon For - live news reporting, police surveillancing and military monitoring over wireless sources like WI-FI, 5G & 4G .


On client request, we provide them customized integrated system for their specific requirment. We're having good contacts of industries experts OEMs. 

Customize System Integration

News & Events

Optical Systems Design

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for OSD2184P

  • PoH now available on OSD2J12 PoE Injectors

  • OSD2524P – 24 PORT POE SWITCH Launched by OSD


NAC Image Technology

  • NAC Image Technology announces Further Enhancement of the Memrecam ACS High Speed Camera Family

  • More performance to the Memerecam Q Series & MX Series

  • NAC Continues Pushing the Edge of Imaging Technology by Introducing the ACS-1 M60

Kingfisher International

  • Kingfisher International is open as usual, and expects this to continue.

  • KITS on Windows 11 Beta

  • Fiber Optic Cleaning & Inspection Application Note

  • KITS™ 4.17 software for Bi-directional Loss Test Reporting

  • New Two-Way Loss, Length & ORL Tester

Aja Video Systems

  • AJA Desktop Software and SDK v16.1 Debut with Native Apple® M1 Support

  • AJA Announces New openGear® Fiber to 12G-SDI Converters

  • AJA Delivers PAK Dock Pro

  • AJA Upgrades FS-HDR Real-Time HDR/WCG Converter & Frame Sync

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