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Kingfisher International are specialist designers and manufacturers of handheld fiber optic test solutions.

Kingfisher International solutions are used in all phases of fiber optic manufacture, installation and maintenance. Typical applications are to verify, test, certify and repair fiber optic systems in telecom, datacom, defense and automotive applications.

Based in Australia since 1986, Kingfisher products are Australian made, with a global distribution & support network spanning over 70 countries.


OSD is a leading name in communication system solutions based on optical fiber technology.

OSD product range includes:

  • Fiber Links carrying everything from a single low speed data signal to scores of television signals

  • Short to Medium distance applications like CCTV.

  • Data modems, Multiplexers for most common interface standards such as RS232, RS422, RS485, and G703

  • Proprietary interfaces used in industrial networks to interconnect computers and controllers


NAC Image Technology established in 1958  specializes in flight recorders and eye tracking systems. 

Product features

  • High speed cameras (extreme slow motion) of NAC Image Technology permit the detailed representation of motion sequences which cannot be recognized by the human eye.

  • NAC high speed cameras in CMOS and CCD technology are used in mechanical engineering, in the automotive industry as well as in research and bio-mechanics.


Many processes run so fast or are barely visible to the human eye and so we fail to see the detail. But progress lies close to our hearts, and so Optronis has dedicated itself to addressing this problem since 1986.


We are passionate about creating ways of making ultra-fast processes visible so that industry, science and research arrive at the best solutions faster and to greater effect.


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