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G ComTech System together with its partner Optical Systems Design Pty Ltd an innovative Australian company provides cost effective communication systems solutions based on optical fiber technology.

OSD offers fiber optic experience and expertise unmatched in the Asia-Pacific region. The research, development and design work is meticulously executed to the highest standards. It is extremely flexible in meeting client requirements, and access to experienced personnel to assist at your planning and implementation stages is always available. Comprehensive client support services are provided-installation, testing and after-sales training and maintenance.

An OSD solution is cost effective, efficient, reliable, tolerant of environment conditions and highly flexible.

OSD products are used throughout the world in environments ranging from offices to remote mine sites, large campuses and in-house video studios. OSD has many thousands of systems operating reliably day in day out, some for well over a decade.

OSD provides a wide range of products that service in following product catagories

  • Industrial & Data Modems and Multiplexers

  • Audio Modems

  • CATV Transmision System

  • Analog Single Channel Video/Audio/Data Modems

  • Digital Single Channel Video/Audio/Data Modems

  • Analog Video/Audio/Data Multiplexers

  • Digital Video/Audio/Data Multiplexers

  • Broadcast Products

  • Accessories



OSD2041                10/100Base-Tx to 10/100Base-Fx media converter 

OSD860S                     Redundant Link Digital uncompressed

                                  multi-channel video+data+audio+Ethernet

                                  multiplexing system

OSD8826                      Video + Data pair

OSD139                         RS232 asynchronous modem

OSD8224                     4-Channel 3G HD/SDI Tx/Rx pair

OSD8220                     3G HD/SDI Tx/Rx pair 

OSD8816B                   10-Bit digital video + duplex

                                  data modem pair (for PTZ camera)                                                                 


OSD2051                   Micro 10/100Base-T to 100Base-Fx Bridge

                              Type Media Converter


OSD2254                6-Port Redundant Ring Gigabit Ethernet Switch   

OSD2888                   Managed Industrial 12-Port 10/100/1000BaseT

                               + 4 x 10Gbe SFP 1RU layer 2/3 Ethernet switch


OSD2801                   Industrial DIN-Rail 10GbE media  converter



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